Cemented Toughts

Mixed Media Installation
300cm x 100cm

Repetition is the way to reinforce a thought, a memory or information in our mind. Synapses create memories and thoughts and are strengthened by repetition like natural rivers flow and creates the river bed by running through the landscape; the more the river water runs on a certain path, the more this path is defined and becomes the actual river bed. The series of sculptures „Cemented thoughts“ was created in conversation with Eline Kersten and Shirin Farshbaf reflecting about embodied memory in relation to the classical elements. The series is made of plaster forms that have been shaped by flowing water; as events, words or people can leave a different mark in our memory depending on the state of our mind, the plaster forms have been formed by a water flow in different malleability states and different time spans. The result are distinct surfaces that „remember“ the movement of the water and deliver a static body of a flowing process. Creating these sculpture, I tried to reflect the process of remembering moments, a phenomenon that transforms the flowing of time in a defined image or sensation.

This work has been presented in the group exhibition "But what does real life even mean?“ as part of the project QUESTION ME & ANSWER 17-22.09.2020 at Dessous, Vienna.

Fotos by Zoe Opřátko and Erika Farina