Mixed Media Installation
74cm x 51cm

Non mi sento in forma means "I don’t feel in shape" and refers to the physical and mental level of self-perception. The installation is based on a rectangular canvas, the shape of which corresponds to the expectations of a picture. The canvas is taken from the context of the classic two-dimensional representation and draped with elastic material. Within the folds of the fabric, two weights pull the entire structure down. What emerges is a break in both the contour and the expectation. Two drop-like extrusions distort the original square shape. In Non mi sento in forma, the geometric shape of the canvas indicates an ideal psychological and emotional state that cannot be met due to depression. The anxiety arising from the mismatch between self-awareness and self-expectations creates a tension that increases itself. The installation embodies the experience of depressive states; a heaviness that comes from within and makes your own flesh ache; the whole mental and physical being is taken along and the form of the self changes.

The work has been part of the group exhibition "NO ONE TOLD ME" at Improper Walls, 15-31.07.2020.

The exhibition has been part to the campaign #noonetoldme for mental health awarness month and has been organized in collaboration with @madeofmillions .