performance in public space
with Darja Shatalova and Valentino Skarwan

Concept by Darja Shatalova

duration: 30 min
PVC film, PVC tubes, balloons, ice

Reindorfgasse, Vienna

The performance SODASTREAM accompanies the opening of the XX Art Flânerie Festival and deals with the interweaving of the digital and real space, using the metaphor of water. Surfing, streaming and social media channels describe an transient motion in virtual space, without local binding and focusing. The performers, covered by transparent plastic fabrics, represent hybrids of human and artificial being, moving fluidly between real and digital space. The dual identity is expressed through a complex layering of the costume, leading to a restriction of mobility and delimitation in real space and at the same time revealing the self-exposure and transparency in digital space through innumerably available personal data.

Photos: Katharina Schiffl & Ashley Taylor